Living life Paratus

Live Life Crooked

I’m a planner through and through. Always have been and always will be. It’s just a part of my DNA. During my first week of undergraduate studies at Bentley University they taught us all about the school, but one specific thing stood out to me. The school’s motto. Bentley’s motto is Paratus, which in Latin means “Prepared”. I kind of fell into this by accident, but I thought to myself about how I couldn’t have picked a better phrase myself. I used to always combine the two and refer to this as being Preparatus, which is something I’ve always lived by. 


A lot of successful coaches, entrepreneurs, and intellects will tell you that preparation is everything. Being prepared allows you to effectively react to any given situation and take full advantage of any given opportunity. That’s a great thought and all, and something I certainly strive for, but sometimes life decides to throw you a curveball. Whenever I’m seemingly smooth-sailing through life and something abruptly disrupts my course, I always try to keep in mind three key things that I think can help anyone react to an uncomfortable, unusual, or just some situation that through no fault of your own you just aren’t prepared for.


1)   In difficult times I always fall back on my family and friends. Being able to appreciate what you have can make difficult situations seem not as bad and even trivial at times.


2)   How can I learn from this situation? You might not immediately have this thought run through your head and it typically takes a little yelling and some swearing and frustration for me to finally realize that life is throwing me a challenge. Instead of letting this challenge knock you down, why not see the bigger picture and see how you could learn and grow from this.


3)   “This too shall pass” – Narna Page (my infamous grandmother) Countless times I’ve heard my mom reiterate this quote from my grandmother. It’s so simple, yet so fitting at the same time. No bad situation lasts very long, unless of course you let it last long. So dust yourself off, change your attitude, and be confident knowing that you’ll be back on that straight path sooner than later.


You can think you’re preparatus for everything in life, but that’s never the case. So put in some preparation and embrace the fact that when life goes a little crooked, you’ll have those 3 things (or your own version) to fall back on. A straight path would make for a pretty uneventful and easy life. #StayCrooked