The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction

Today’s blog reflects on a job interview in which a man who wasn’t even supposed to be in that particular conference room, changed my perspective on hard work with one simple quote.


While sitting in an office building in Boston on my first “Big Boy” interview yesterday , a managing partner popped his head in. After speaking about the company for a while he stood up to leave. As nervous as I could be, he asked “Do you have any questions”. Fascinated by how well put together this very young guy was, in his custom suit looking as if he just walked off of wall street, I asked him “How did you get to where you are today?”. 


He started spewing out information that to me was like taking a sip of water out of a firehouse. But as he finished his advice he said;


 “When I first got the job I asked myself, do you want to work like no one else now so that you can live like no one else later”


Fortunately for him, his answer was Yes.


An extremely simple concept that can be summed up by the most cliché phrase of all… Hard work pays off. But it isn’t as simple as that.  You must think this success into existence. This is through The Law of Attraction.


Very few people are aware of the effect that The Law of Attraction has on our life on a daily basis. We act as human magnets to the energy we put off and the thoughts in which we think. 


My Narna, who is approaching 80 years old, looks and acts as if she just approached 70. The reasoning for this is her thoughts towards  how old she is. That being said this is the 50thyear we will be celebrating her 29thbirthday. But as she says, to paraphrase, Once you start to think your old than you will become old. The point of talking about my grandmother is, well she is awesome and I love her, but also because her philosophy that she doesn’t even know she’s using, The Law of Attraction, is what’s keeping her young. 


My grandmother and this very successful young man, probably don’t have much in common. But what they do have in common is how they thought their lives into existence. My Grandmother keeps herself young with her positive thoughts and this young man believed in himself and rose to be the CEO of a nationwide company.


So thank you to this man who without even knowing he was doing so, inspired a kid just beginning his “Real World” journey.


Happy Wednesday