The Crooked Story
About us

Crooked Paths Co. dates back to two friends who met at prep school on their school’s hockey team. Nick Day and Donny Battimelli started as friends and together took a risk and turned into business partners. The two were both ‘de-railed’ from the path they envisioned but ended up exactly where they were meant to be and Crooked Paths Co. was born.

The Crooked Way

Our Mission

Crooked was founded on the idea that not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path. Stay true to yourself, follow your path and don’t be afraid to live life crooked.

Our Values

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Grow From What You Go Through

Everything happens for a reason. But not everything will make you grow. Take the ups and downs you experience and use them as tools for your growth. Pain + Reflection = Growth. The only thing that will make you grow is yourself and forcing yourself to reflect and grow.

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Take a

If you’re not nervous or uncomfortable you're not growing. Don’t worry about the events that may make you stray from your path. Those events can put you on a new path that can lead to a better destination.

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If you had 10 minutes left to live, what would you do? Live every minute of your life like this because you truly never know what those last 10 minutes are coming. Never look back and start a sentence with “I wish I had…” start the sentence with “Remember when…”


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